COVID-19 Vaccine Events

Partnership with the City of Scottsdale

HonorHealth and the City of Scottsdale has partnered to vaccinate seniors 65+. Huge thanks to our residents and faculty who helped with the vaccination. An extra special thanks to Dr. Lindy Truong and Dr. Andrea Darby-Stewart (Family Medicine) and Dr. Soo Kim for vaccinating our Adult Day Care seniors. Thanks to Dr. Martin Joseph (Internal Medicine), Dr. Zachary Whitaker and Dr. Karina Luera (Family Medicine) for vaccinating our Granite Reef seniors in February.

Pilgrim Rest

On March 27, 2021, we hosted vaccination event with Pilgrim Rest, a historically black church in Phoenix, AZ. We had 300+ individuals scheduled to be vaccinated. Huge thanks to our residents, faculty and staff who helped with the vaccination.COVID Event 3.PNG

Special thanks to our vaccine events leads:
  • Krystal Robinson
  • Amy Frederick
  • Rebecca Katt
  • Natina Gomez
  • Sonia Mohl
  • Katheryn Hernandez
  • Carol Mayer
  • Lekeisha Lott
  • and others
A special thanks to our vaccinators:
  • Melanie Crutchfield Whitten, MD
  • Pamela Murphy, MD
  • Nandita Keole, MD
  • David Baltazar, DO
  • Brigitte Sledge, DO
  • Charlene Whitfill, MD
  • Sallie Figueroa, RN
  • Jane Langley, RN
  • Justin Lopes, MA
  • Angela Anderson, MA
  • Kelly Lopez, PCT, MA

A special thanks to our schedulers:
  • Laura Jones
  • Stephanie Valenzuela
  • Suzanne Krueger
  • Valerie Thorson
  • Raquel Mrazek
  • Lissette Beauchamp
  • Brenda Valdez